Wednesday, April 19, 2017


In order to familiarize students with students with the rich cultural history of Bangladesh for the first time, ITHS  Senior Girls Section organized 'Bangla week'.

This week long event entails a lot of fun and interesting extra-curricular activities in order to encourage students to participate in them, so that they can learn a variety of useful things and enhance their talents. As April is a month of great significance in Bengali culture, ITHS senior girls section arranged a` Bangla Week’ for the students' cultural enrichment. This event was managed by the Bangla Club and it consisted of four major competitions.  They were `Bangla Spelling Competition’, `Bangla Hand Writing Competition’, `Mask of Mongal Shabhajatra & Poster Competition; and last but not the least was `Bangla Debate’. Students from grade 6 to grate 9 participated in them. A vast number of talented students took part in these competitions with great enthusiasm.

The four events finished in an excellent way and will be engraved in everyone's memory for a long time.  The students showed their best effort in order to be one of the lucky winners. The audience was overwhelmed by the students' eagerness and heart fully appreciated it. The Bangla Club sincerely hopes to arrange more interesting events for our beloved in the future. 

Mask & Poster
1st Position
Anika Taiyeba (8B)
Fatema Toj Johora (8C)
Aorniva Masood (6C)
Ummey Rukiah (7A)
Jemima Jahin Jennia (7C)
Huma Walesa Nadia (9B) (Team Leader)
Nowshin Tabassum (8B)
Maliha Binte Hasan (9)
Maliha Binte Hasan ( 9)

Class 8C

2nd Position
Rifiah Mittika(7C)
Faiza Fatema Monzur (6A)
Abi Umama (8C)
Musarrat Rouf (7C)

Meher Niger (8B)

3rd posotion
Nudrat Nawar Bashar (7B)
Miftiha Anhar Kamal (7C)
Ushrat Refat Jajia (7B)
Nabila Sikder ( 7C)
Nusaiba Nahlah (7C)
Moriom Akhter Sorovi (7B)

Mumtaheena Tajri Raisa (6B)

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