Wednesday, March 1, 2017


ITHS Senior Girls Section students participate in the prestigious CSIAMUN at CheongShim International Academy.

Since 2009, CSIAMUN has been encouraging participation from all over the world, including Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, China, and Australia. CSIAMUN provides a great opportunity for students to learn skills for diplomacy, negotiation, and interaction with students from other cultures. During the three days of the conference, delegates achieve essential skills such as teamwork, proposing individual ideas, and argue for their preferred stances. Students interested in diplomacy and / or international relations, wishing for fluency and public speaking skills, and seeking an chance to participate in international conferences will find CSIAMUN to be the perfect opportunity.
The three day event is held at the prestigious CheongShim International Academy which is one of only 40 esteemed schools part of Round Square educational Association.  Model United Nations is a convention in which students imitate actual summits and international conferences in which students take the normal role of each country and conduct meetings in English on important international events of the year.

This year 4 students participated in the event namely Anika Saiara ALi, Tahreema Islam Turna, Aniqa Anan Niha and Montaseer Ali Anika. On the first day, they were assigned committees by the Chairman and Deputy head of the MUN during which time groups discussed about the agenda of the day. The Bangladesh team from ITHS was assigned two topics: tackling the inequalities of free trade in developing nation and diminishing the consequences derived from Al Niño. Afterwards the delegates gave a 90 Seconds opening speech which was mandatory for all before moving on to the 6 hour long lobbying session. During this time, Delegates have to 'lobby' to get more support for their cause such as passing helpful research notes to the proposition while 'wooing' oppositions to change sides. Students talked about the free trade resolution on the 2nd day and about Al Niño on the 3rd day.

After the exhausting but enlightening event, students enjoyed an amazingly colorful cultural event featuring showcases from each participating country. From Bangladesh Turna and Anika performed a mesmerizing dance to traditional Bengali music. The students also really enjoyed popular KPOP dances. There was a cultural workshop in which students got to know about Korean cuisine, Fashion and many more. The group along with Head of Section Mr. Idris Koken, visited popular tourists hotspots in Seoul the capital of the South Korea. They visited the famous castles and towers while shopping and enjoying the local cuisine.

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