Sunday, March 5, 2017


The long awaited debate tournament is finally here!

For three glorious years, students have been engaging in intense verbal battles and game of wits.
To be a champion you need to be fast, factual and witty with your remarks. This year was bigger than ever with a huge number of students participating. Due to the sheer size of participants, the event was divided into three categories: two for students of 6th - 8th grades and one for 9th - 12th grades.  Each group had balanced members from each grade and were chosen based on their academic performance and maturity.

Happy Miss and Hamide Miss are both coordinators of this event as well as other teachers who helped judge the battles. Some of the most interesting and thought provoking topics discussed include: Junk food should be banned from school, Zoos should be abolished, students who bully others should be punished by the law.

Debate has always been a platform for hidden talents to come out of their shell and showcase their abilities. Moreover, this type of platform teaches students the importance of raising their voice against wrongdoings and that no matter how young you are, your opinions matter.

Battle rounds are still going on. Results will be posted here as soon as they are published.

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