Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fun Times with Hostel Students

Hostel life can be challenging to spend so much time away from your friends and family. However, students engage in many fun activities to liven up the mood and keep them motivated. Here is a glimpse of how fun Hostel life at ITHS Senior Girls Section can be.

As part of various activities of ITHS hostel, this year we arranged an amazing picnic in Ashulia, Dhaka. With two school buses, the girls from all grades set out at 10 o’clock sharp on their beautiful journey. The Picnic place had a big farm house with a spacious field in front. There were fun games such as badminton, tug of war, three-legged race, marble-spoon race, sack race, water fighting and fireball that filled the air with great excitement. All of the students participated with zeal. When everyone finally got tired, delicious food was served which was a special treat of this wonderful picnic. Students were provided with mouthwatering snacks and meals from time to time. They cherished the melodious music and danced together happily. At the end of the day, this group of outstanding girls were all packed with unforgettable memories. This picnic played an important role for the students as a refreshing entertainment in their hostel life.

Excitement filled the air as the season of chess tournament started at ITHS Girls Hostel. Enthusiastic students took part in the tournament and played against each other; closely monitored by hostel authority. Following a member of rounds and breathtaking performances by all the contestants,  three finalists were set to play against one another. After the final round the result was such that in the first position stood Sadia Afrin Adra, the first runner up was Fatema Akter Rini and the third place was matched by Nowrose Nower Nafi. 

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