Wednesday, March 8, 2017


This year's Business week was bigger than ever with a whopping 75 participants and 17 teams, who showcased their business skills and ideas.  

These teams were asked to present a unique and creative business idea divided into 2 days  Criteria of the presentation was based on type of business, name of the product/ service and description, logo, type of business, objectives, research and development, target market, budgeting, sources of finance location and distribution, pricing strategy. organizational structure, advertisement/promotion (display).
For 2 days, students displayed their ideas and were judged based on feasibility, creativeness and strategies.

Students' business ideas this time were truly innovative. Some teams made actual television commercials which they showcased during their presentations. While other teams brought inventive packaging samples made with recycled material while and brought inspiring themes such as woman's empowerment. A few teams distributed samples of their products and served to the judges.

The business fair was held on the 3rd day and consisted of a Business Fair (containing food, desserts, clothing, accessories, stationeries, special services and many more) where our students established their very own businesses, promoted and sold their products and services in stalls. The colorful event highlighted the talents of our young entrepreneurs and their unique business ideas.

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