Sunday, February 19, 2017


Edexcel High Achievers' Award 2016, is the mega event by Edexcel, jointly organised with British Council, to honor and award the students with outstanding achievements in their International GCSE and A Level examinations held in 2016.
The award ceremony was held on the 18th February 2017 , at BICC in presence of the students, teachers, parents, high dignitaries and the Honourable Education Minister, as the Chief guest of the ceremony.

From ITHS Senior Girls Section the winners for 7A grades and above in IGCSE was presented to Zareen Abreshmi, Bushra Anwar, jannat Sultan, Aniqa Anan Niha, Farah Binte Rahman, 
Tahreema Turna, Sadia Afrin Jemy, Mehnaz Tabassum

After a heartfelt and encouraging speech by the Minister of education, there was a beautiful dance performance by students of BIT. 

Afterwards the awards for Highest achievers were presented to teo ITHS Senior Boys Section students Bayezeed for Maths A and pure maths and Lazib for pure maths

Then the awards for 7As in IGCSE were presented.

The students had a Photo-session and ate chocolates to celebrate. 

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