Saturday, November 5, 2016

Imagine -Write Creatively : A Workshop to Nurture Creative Writing

Imagine –Write Creatively, United International University (UIU) and The Daily Star's (TDS) joint initiative in order to foster the imagination and inventiveness of young minds, has held its 16th workshop in our school premises on November 3, 2016.

 Commenced by the speeches of Yavuz Koca, Principal of ITHS and Professor Dr. M. Rezwan Khan, Vice Chancellor of UIU, the programme featured an interactive approach targeted at tutoring the key elements of Fiction-writing. Presenters; Sharmin Sultana, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, English Language Institute, UIU; Naziba Basher, Feature writer at Star Weekend; Mahejabeen Hossain Nidhi, writer at Shout and a graduate of ITHS Batch 2016; won the continuous interest of the students via their unique, engaging methodology and tasks on the basic components of story writing : Characterisation,  the setting and  plot. 

Throughout the workshop, the students were introduced various challenging but cheery activities in which their critical thinking, five senses and imagination were all in all triggered to reach the optimum level of creativity. Once the dynamic and lively session drew to a close, all the participants gained the awareness of the fact that writing can be learned as a skill, so can creativity as long as they know the right tips on how to nurture and foster one. 

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