Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trip to Jahangirnagar University & National Memorial for Grade 7 Students

                International Turkish Hope School ‘Senior Girls Section’ arranged an errand last Friday, 4th November 2016 for grade 7 to Jahangirnagar University and National Memorial for expending general knowledge among the students. A yoke of 23 students of grade 7 with three teachers had gone to the errand for congregating the experiences of background history of our Language Movement, of our Independence War, of two influential sculptures ‘Amar Ekushe and Sosoptok’. After visiting these two places students are able to discern how a public university looks like, how many departments have there, how a ‘Butterfly Fair’ can be organized. Even though, they showed their respect towards the National Memorial and our freedom fighter hero. It is a great acknowledgement to “ITHS Senior Girls Section, Uttara and Jahangirnagar University” for their cooperation in every single step without which this trip was impossible.

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