Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grade 6 students had BBQ party and water fight

The girls of 6th grade had a blast last Thursday after school. After a long month of exams, homework and assignments, the girls and their class teachers Nikhat miss, Sarah miss and Halime miss decided to have a good time.

The event took place on the girls section rooftop after school where they had some lunch while listening to upbeat music. After satisfying their hunger, the games began!
First it was musical chairs and then soon after, the fight of the year started! There were 100 water balloons prepared for the students which they smashed on each other like dodge ball!  However the balloons weren't enough. Thus the students grabbed as many water bottles as they could, filled them up to the brim to continue fighting. Even the 6C class teacher Nikhat miss, Halime miss and Serpil miss joined in with the kids!
While everyone was engaged in water fight, the weather joined them too; the heaviest rain we have seen in months! It was a beautiful end to a perfect evening!

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