Saturday, October 22, 2016

Teachers and class of 6C suprise Tamanna

The students of 6C, their class teacher and Halime miss plan a surprise visit for Tamanna who had fractured her leg.

Tamanna, who had fractured her leg earlier this month, was ordered by her doctor to stay on bed rest for a month. Being cooped up in her home, she was feeling quite sad not to be able to see her friends. So the students and their teachers planned 'get well soon' visit in order to cheer her up.

Students handcrafted a card for her and wrote fun messages on her cast.

The students had come during Halime Miss's moral values class, so soon afterwards they had to leave. After sharing warm stories, jovial laughter and some scrumptious food, the girls had to say goodbye. 

It was a melancholic goodbye but it certainly wasn't a final goodbye. Tamanna will join us soon but until then, we will miss her dearly.  

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