Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Writing Week

What new clubs are there this year?
As you may know, the clubs have begun with the academic year. This year, with the other clubs, there is a very interesting newcomer- Robotics Club. This new club offers education on robotic parts and how to use them. A few honorable mentions are school magazine club held by Miss Hamide and Miss Nikkat, Robotics Club held my Fatih Sir, Music by Miss Rozina, Health and Fitness held by Miss Nazia and many more.The clubs take place on the last two periods of every Tuesday.
Students of ITHS are often under pressured with schoolwork. They need something fun to cope up with the stress they have. That is why ITHS is filled with club activities. ITHS has many clubs so that students can choose from a great variety. Clubs have access to many interesting activities that students might never have done before.  These clubs are here to distress the students from all the hardships from studying they have.
School magazine owns a blog that you can check at their website, filled with fresh contents everyday! 

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