Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Seminar on Motivation for IGCSE Candidates

No amount of badgering from teachers or parents can motivate a student in the same way that self-motivation can. Thus, a seminar of short duration  titled 'How To Get &Stay Motivated during the Exam Journey' has been presented to Grade 10 students by their class teacher Ms.Hamide Koken. Among some of the most inspirational topics, Ms. Hamide illustrated some sources of motivation and discussed how to set achievable goals.  
The seminar was followed by a briefing on June 2016 IGCSE Results of our school conducted by Mr.Bilal, O/A Level Coordinator of ITHS.
This has been a fantastic, dynamic and highly inspirational workshop that left students excited about their future and willing to put in the effort they need to succeed!

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