Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Drama on Hypocrisy,Tolerance and Greediness

Students of class 7 performed drama written by themselves on hypocrisy,tolerance and greediness
during  Moral Values class.
Tolerance, as we define it, refers to the skills we need to live together peacefully. Tolerance creates a society where people can feel respected and it is an essential aspect of a livable society. A lack of tolerance would undoubtedly lead to fighting and violence.

Hypocrisy is the possession of a false appearance of virtue or goodness. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to be something he is not. Hypocrisy reveals a character flaw and we lack the strength of will to live up to our ideals.

Greediness is a major source of evil that is the root of stealing, hoarding, plundering, and treason. Greed is the factor that drives people to do unethical, immoral and illegal things in pursuit of wealth. As clear as it is, a greedy person never understands the virtue of generosity, and of course, honesty.

This is why, to show how the above  factors destroy a person’s mind, the students of grade 7 performed dramas written by themselves regarding the mentioned topics.

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