Wednesday, September 7, 2016

8A : The Best Decorated Class Among Grade 6 to 8

To promote a closer engagement between the students and their learning environment, Class Decoration Competition has been arranged among all grade levels. The students from grade 6 to 12 put their talent and inner innovative designer into the exhibition for the last few weeks of the school. Crafting their surrounding on varied themes  such as Imagination, Photography, Recycling etc, the young minds once again proved the fact that they are full of creative and unique ideas. After all the compelling judgments of the teachers, Grade 8A exalted the Trophy of Winner on their theme 'Travelling' who was followed by 8C, second position holder and 7C, as third position winner.

In conversation with the winning class 8C, we discovered that the main ingredient of their success was teamwork. Moreover, they strategically chose the Travelling theme which was easy to plan and execute. They also expressed their deep appreciation for Ms Naziha; their class teacher.

On the other hand, snatching the 2nd place, the students of 8C were also proud of their achievement. They explained that the reason behind their theme was 'Motivation' so that they never get bored in class! Even the 3rd place winners of 7C were ecstatic!

All in all, it turns out that the main factor of success for all three teams seems to be teamwork. So next time put teamwork before all else and maybe you might just snatch that Trophy! Good Luck!

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