Thursday, September 8, 2016

11 - B is The Best Decorated Class

Last month the most creative competition was held at our school and showcased some of the most spectacular creations ever! The end results of the competitions were categorized into two groups; Class 6 - 8 and 9 - 12.
The winners of the senior category was none other than our students of 11B with their theme 'Brands'! We sat down with the winning bunch to get the secret to their success. Here is what they had to say - 
The main reason 'Brands' was chosen as a theme is because the students wanted to portrait a business feel to the room, not a library. Since they wanted something related to business, 'Brands' was the obvious choice.

Indeed, the students captured the essence of the theme with stunning paintings, captivating collages and clever message strategically placed behind the door. The message said 'the next entrepreneur' and a mirror was placed above it, symbolizing the observer as the next innovator. Now that is clever advertising! They are grateful to Ms Basma, their class teacher, who came up with the clever concept.

However, it was a really close competition; 11B and 12A/B followed closely behind. Nevertheless, an amazing effort was put forth by all of our students who in the midst of exams, extracurricular activities and school work, still managed to produce such stunning artwork. Their attention to detail was truly awe inspiring!

So congratulations to all of our students for their effort and hard work!  

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