Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Edexcel Award Ceremony

Edexcel, in collaboration with the British Council, conducted the High Achievers` Award Ceremony on Saturday 06 February 2016 for the students who achieved outstanding results in their International-GCSE and IAL examinations in 2015. International Turkish Hope School got 44 awards and medals in this pride-giving program. 6 students were awarded for Best Performing School Candidates in PLSC.Ragip Mostafa, who is currently studying in USA Rice University was also awarded for his outstanding success of 6A`s with 2A*s in IAL. Besides, 35 High Achievers in International GCSE has made us feel the gratefulness and joy as ITHS family. Among them; Taseen Rahman with 11A*s in one sitting, Tasnia Naim Anika 11A`s with 10A*s and Abrar Rahman  Protyasha 10A*`s in one sitting have again proved the legendary tradition of success and excellence upheld in ITHS. As ITHS family, we feel thankful to our beloved students, supporting parents and hard-working teachers.

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