Sunday, January 31, 2016

ITHS Girls Football Team Runner-Up in ISD Football Tournament


Early this term, ITHS Senior Girls Section prepared its first Football Team. Nineteen talented students were chosen as the official members from whom twelve are chosen to play every game. The girls had regular practices within and after school. The first game they attended was held in ISD (International School Dhaka) from which our team came home as the runners up. For their first game, however, this was more than an unbelievable achievement! Firstly, winning against ISD with a score of 1-0, then ruling over CIS with a score of 4-0, later victory against Scholastica 2-0.Unfortunately,  we lost against Grace with a score of 0-1. At the end, though, our school held its head high with the honor of second place. 
ISD   0 - 1   ITHS 
ITHS  4 - 0    CIS      
SCHOLASTICA 0 - 2 ITHS                          
ITHS  0 - 1 GRACE    

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