Monday, June 1, 2015

Graduation Ceremony - 2015

The Twinkling Night
What is graduation or rather graduating? I could give a fancy definition of the word but would it really define the integrity of it? I, Ifrit Tanzeem Kristy am a graduate from International Turkish Hope School, batch 2015. People most often spend half or more of their day at their school, some even refer to their schools as their second home, well, I am proud that my second home was Turkish Hope.

On May 31st 2015 there was the program, our graduation program. It was one of the most blissful nights of our lives.  We had always dreamt of having a picture perfect graduation and on that night, it was perfect and beyond. It was a night of fairy lights, amazing decorations, videos from the past, songs performed by my fellow classmates and I, speeches from both students and teachers and of course the incredibly mouthwatering cake. 

Our teachers delivered some extraordinary words to the audience; words that made us want to push a bit further towards success. The student speeches mostly consisted of thanking the teachers and parents, few jokes but what it also contained was the emotion; the scary thought of school being over, no more Turkish Hope, no more fun classes and no more luscious Turkish food. Most of us couldn’t get a hold on ourselves anymore and we let out a tear or two. Then came the moment for what every graduate waits for, our diplomas. We were all gazing at the little white certificate that was rolled and sealed with a red and white ribbon, as if it was candy for a four year old. Our diplomas were given to us by our Principal and Vice Principal, which made the event a lot more honorable. After that we cut our cake and ended up taking a bunch of pictures with our parents, teachers and friends, coz at the end of the day, these pictures will be the remaining fragments of our very last night as a Turkish Hopian.

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