Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cancer Donation Bake Sale

Over 7 million people's death is caused by cancer in only a single year! And most of them die not because there is no cure but because they don't have enough money to pay for their treatment.
Four very thoughtful students from the grade 6; Rezwana, Maliha, Mayabi and Anisa had gotten together to collect money to donate to those cancer patients who are unfortunately unable to pay for their treatment. They organized a spectacular bake sale with a variety of desserts. The bake sale was visited by students of each grade and all the teachers including Mr. Idris Koken and Mr. Ozer the head and deputy head of our school. They greatly appreciated the hardwork of these young students and their caring thoughts towards those in need. The money they collected from the bake sale would be sent to a website called Treckstock and the organizers would equally distribute it worldwide to those countries which have the majority cancer patients in need of money.
This was a marvelous charity done by the students of our school.

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