Sunday, May 17, 2015


Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a scientific side of everything is our surroundings. To encourage students to take more interest in the science around them in their daily lives, international Turkish hope school arranged the annual Science and project fair. Held on 16th may, the projects called out the inner scientists in all of the students, and encouraged them to show their talents.

The fair was held between 10:00 in the morning to 13:00. Parents and teachers attended the fair with great interest, asking the students challenging questions, which made them pause  for a moment and ask themselves, 'Why is it the way it is?'

Some projects around great interest, such as which whitening toothpaste works best, which shampoo would make your hair healthier etc. The entire fourth floor of the girls' campus was divided into sections, each section displaying their scientific hypothesises and explaining the solutions with great care. A few notable projects from chemistry were 'Food Colours', '  Think before you Drink'.
From physics, 'Wind Power', 'CERN', ' Periscopic Security System' etc were noted. The Biology section also had interesting projects, such as 'Bio- Remediation', 'Biological Cameras', 'Digesting Detergents' etc.

The fair is also being regarded as a science contest, with winners being selected according to their innovation and their relations to their respective subjects; chemistry, biology and physics. Teachers from all of the sections got together in this fair, and marked the projects. A food fair was also held downstairs, with many local and Turkish delicacies.

The winners from each of the subjects will be announced soon.

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