Sunday, May 10, 2015

ITHS Girls Section Celebrated Mothers Day

“Mothers are the most beautiful among God’s creation. A mother’s heart is strong; a mother’s heart is courageous and unyieldingly present to support everyone in the family.”

International Turkish hope school Senior Girls section celebrated mother’s day in a splendid manner, paying a tribute to all the hard work that is done by our mothers. On 9th May, at 4:30pm a program was arranged by the students of senior girls section for their beloved mothers at ITHS senior boy’s section auditorium.

The performances were highly appreciated by all the audience present. The program began with an inspiring speech of Mr. Idris koken, head of section of ITHS senior girls section. There were four songs; a Bangla song, dedicated to the motherland, two spectacular duets followed by a wonderful chorus. A Bengali poem was recited by two students for their mothers. A letter writing completion was arranged for the students of grade 6-8 and the Wajeeha got the first position for English and Masuma for Bengali. They read out their letters which were heartwarming. A drama was performed by the 6th graders focusing on the aspects in which makes a mother so important, and which we often fail to realize. They gave a wonderful performance on stage.  At the ending two fun games were arranged for the mothers and daughters, 8 pairs were randomly chosen from the audience. In the first round, each pair had to peel garlic, separating each clove neatly. Everyone was given exactly two minutes time. Four best pairs were chosen, who were taken to the next round, where they were blindfolded and had to recognize each other by touching the hands only in the least possible time. The competitions were won by Tahrim from grade 8 and her mother.

The program was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. We specially thank the teachers of senior section; Ms. Happy, Ms. Basma, Ms. Yusra and Ms. Rosina, for arranging such a colorful event.

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