Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Entertainment Program of 6th Graders

On the 30th of November, ITHS senior girls section held an entertainment evening for the class six students to perform in various categories of entertainment. The students did a tremendous work in compelling the assemblage, who were the teacher, students along their parents, some admired guests and the administration of the school.
A few out of many outstanding performances done by our senior section junior students some exquisite songs, which had completely won the hearts of the crowd, As well as a marvelous drama giving lessons for education lightened up the importance of knowledge and warned the students about their future. Our wonderful students al choreographed a sensational fusion dance which mesmerized the audience and swept them off their feet.
The fathers in the crowd were called upon the stage with their daughters. They were asked question about one another to test their bonding. All the candidates had done an amazing job in it, proving that a father-daughter relationship never fails. This terrific night also consisted of a sweet little game of musical chairs for the students in the audience who had volunteered to play. Anisha Kamal from grade 8 had won the musical chair contest and the fathers who had come on stage were all given small gifts for their participation as a souvenir from our school.

This Entertainment evening had turned out to be quite remarkable. It brought out the hidden talents of all our cooperative students who have such bright futures ahead of them. The whole sixth grade along with their hardworking amazing class teacher Ms. Halime Aknbas & Mr.Rockibul Karim had done an unimaginable great work and put in such efforts to make the program a success and so it did turn out.

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