Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating 44th Victory Day of Bangladesh

International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) is proud to organize a Grand Victory Day Celebration of Bangladesh, held on the 15th of December , 2014. Victory was celebrated in a befitting manner and with colorful display of the Bengali culture and its history. The event had turned to bring out utmost festivity at the ITHS auditorium in the main campus. The school organized a two-hour long program to celebrate the magnificent occasion. The program consisted of a Bengali group dance, some beautiful patriotic songs, poem recitation and a drama which exceptionally portrayed the history of the Bangladeshi Liberation war of 1971. The honorable Vice Principal of ITHS, Mr. Yavuz Koca, paid homage and tribute to the valiant freedom fighters and millions of martyrs, who shed their lives for making Bangladesh a free nation. He had shown his humble gratitude towards all the students, respectable parents and the teachers present at the jovial event. Having given their honorable presence in the audience were Mr. Bedrettin Suata - the Honorable Principal of ITHS, Mr. Idris Koken - the Respected Head of Section of ITHS Senior Girls Section and Mr. Zubayr Bayrem - Respected Head of Section of ITHS Senior Boys Section, all being united to glorify the light of the memorable evening. The event had turned out to be a gloriously remarkable one. The wonderful students had mesmerized the audience with their outstanding performances and made the program a huge success.

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