Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Fair

To inspire the students of our school and devote them to read a few hours a day and get attached to reading, ITHS held a book fair in the month of October which turned out to be a great success. All the students came out and either presented a story written by themselves, sold various books of many kinds or dressed up as their favourite character from certain book or even donated a few books to our school library. Exclusively for grade 8 there was an extra category in the fair which was showing a video or trailer of the book they would present or any other book.
This tremendous program was organised by the senior section teachers. The book fair was visited by several teachers including the head of section of our school Mr. Idris Koken, the deputy head Mr. Ozer and all the students from different grades.
‘Books are our friends; even though we get betrayed by people, books never betray us.’

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