Saturday, November 22, 2014

6-A Become Fireball Champion

International Turkish Hope School girls section has arranged fireball tournament for their students this month. The students were enthusiastic as well as excited for this change to take place after a long time. The participants were from grade 6 to 8. The first match was held between 6-A and 6-B, and 6-A took the match with victory. The second match was with 7-A and 7-B, and this time section A won. The following match was between 8-A and 8-B, and again section B proved them worthy. The matches continued between 7-B and 6-B, 7-B made their places to semi-finals. The semi-finals were held between 8-B and 7-B, and 8-B unlocked their way to finals. At last the finals took place and with the final came an incredible match between 8-B and 6-A, and 6-A won the cup with great glory.

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