Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grade 6-7-8 Picnic,2013

The annual school picnic of Girls’ Section was held at 15th February, on a beautiful Friday, and has been considered as the best picnic in the history of Girls’ Section annual picnics by most. Students of three different grades, 6, 7 and 8, had been invited to participate in this picnic.
It was ‘JOSS!’, as everyone had put out. All thanks to the teachers’ huge contribution, who arranged this amazing occasion, that whoever attended it had a wonderful time. The main purpose for why our respected teachers went to this great length to arrange such a picnic was only because they wanted the kids to enjoy their school life. With the wonderful weather and the wonderful place at Afreen Resort, everyone had a great time playing and exploring the huge area. But that was not all, they had a dance battle, a tug-of-war, yogurt eating competition, a lake for paddling and boating, water balloon fight and the list goes on. Most memorable part for a lot of attenders was the dance-battle that was held at the very end, and a few others couldn’t forget the lovely time and narrow escapes they had while paddling. All in all, this picnic was only astounding because of how much our teachers care about the students and would love to get closer to them.
Narvin Meherun Jheel\8C
Press Club

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