Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Competition for 3rd Bangla Olympiads

Sounds interesting, right? Well, it was a very good opportunity for art lovers to show their talents. Our school, ITHS Girls’ Section held an art competition recently on 11th February, which was pleasantly carried out by the students. The theme for the competition was about Bangladesh, as it was related to Bangla Olympiad.
There were about 27-30 keen participants, but the most surprising  scene was that as Jasmine Miss put it; the foreigners were a lot more intent in participating though they were not allowed. The students were also very excited throughout the contest. As Limu(8C) mentions the atmosphere was very amusing and especially friendly as people were supportive to each other. Another participant Kashfia (8A) says she was really into it and tried her best. The teachers did a great job to enhance the student’s interest. We are really proud of the initiative steps the school has taken to encourage students to use their gift.
                                                                         Reported by Humaira Murshed \8C
                                                                          Press Club

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