Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2011-2012 Graduation Ceremony

As we have almost arrived to the end of our academic year 2011-2012, our school has seen yet another batch of spirited students graduate! On May 1, 2012, the school held the graduation ceremony at the Main Campus. The evening started off with a slideshow prepared by the students, which brought back memories of teacher-student memories, followed by speeches from the our O’and A’ level coordinator, Mr. Yavuz Koca, Mrs. Hannan, O’ level Bengali teacher, and Mrs. Parveen. After their valuable words, we saw another slideshow, which captured the times our graduating girls have spent in ITHS. The presentation, followed by speech from the girls brought a tearful and joyful atmosphere in the ceremony! Later, after a presentation from the graduating boys, on their cherished memories, we also heard some of their experiences in ITHS. The last presentation, which came after the speech brought back long ago memories, beginning from the time ITHS was established! It was not only walking down the memory lane, but also a little farewell to our honorable principle, Mr. Bayram Saatci. As we entered the main part of our program, our honorable principle came to the stage, where he shared his prized words and then invited some of the senior teachers to the stage to distribute the diplomas to our graduates! The ceremony went through in harmony and everyone enjoyed a delectable dinner after the program, together with a show by some students and teachers to keep the merriment going! The showstopper was our physics teacher, Mr. Murat who sang a Bengali song with one of the graduate girls!

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