Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Daily Star Award Presentation Ceremony

Amidst a crowd of hundreds sat in their own corner, the students of International Turkish Hope School (ITHS), satisfaction in their heart, confidence oozing out of their very being, and a sense of unity as they sat not simply as students, but as brothers and sisters. The very air around them seemed to be different; the aura of pride almost seemed tangible. The reason behind such happiness, such delight in the souls of this young generation? Three words best describe the reason. Daily Star Awards.
The huge stadium seemed to be buzzing with excitement as each student took his place amongst their friends, ready to start the day to which they have been looking forward to since the night their results came out. But, do not be misled, as the excitement was not only felt by the students but the parents, siblings, uncles, teachers, friends and many others as they took their seat in the audience, their heart filled with as much, if not more joy than the student himself.
Perhaps the most memorable moment of the day was when Tamim Iqbal, the legend, came to the ceremony to motivate the Nation Builders of tomorrow. This was not a small gesture, as his very presence seemed to fill the entire stadium with such energy and inspiration, and not a single word of his was missed by the hungry ears of the large audience.

Though the departure of Tamim brought many a sad sighs from the crowd, none can say that the rest of the program was any less inspiring. The cultural program that followed brought a smile even to the most cynical as students, some of age around fourteen, sang and danced.
However, the award-giving part was perhaps the part most students and their guardian were looking forward to, International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) students perhaps more than other. Out of fifty-one O’Level IGCSE candidate for the exam of May 2011, an astounding thirty of them received the prestigious award that The Daily Star provided.
But, that is not where the glory of the ITHS students end. Out of the very few exceptional students who achieved the highest mark in the country, three were from ITHS. Rezwan Siddiquee, achieved such a feat in Human Biology, while Farhana Islam Farha and Rubaiyat Bin Islam were awarded this in Pure Mathematics. And that is not all. Amongst the truly brilliant and rare ten, who achieved the highest in the entire world in June 2011, a further three were from ITHS as well. Farhana Islam Farha proved herself to be the best in Biology, while Rubaiyat accomplished this with Turkish. And, last, but most definitely not the least, Md.Muyeedul Islam, who got the world highest in  Mathematics.
Such feats though very unique and rare, seem to be pretty common amongst the brilliant students of ITHS. Perhaps this is the reason why the noisiest claps, the unending energy, and feeling of great accomplishment all seemed to be emitting from the small corner ITHS students sat in. Each award, each word of encouragement seemed to be shared amongst the students as they sat, medals in around their neck, certificate in their hand, satisfaction in their heart, pride in their soul.


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