Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Competition: In Celebration of 21st Feburay (Int'l Mother Language Day)

 The morning of 14th  February started with a splash of vivid colors in the multimedia room of the Girls' Section. Students from different classes and different nations participated in the art competition held in celebration of International Mother Language Day and drew beautiful pictures on the topic "My Country". The enthusiasm and thrill among the 40 students filled the air with a jittery excitement. from the one and a half hour of hardwork from our students we selected 3 drawings to be a little more profound in expressing the the topic than others. Following are the winners.

1st Prize - Kashfia Nehrin Zaman (7A)
2nd Prize - Nowrose Nower Nafi (7B)
3rd  Prize - Tasneem Ahmed Chowdhury (8A)
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