Thursday, December 8, 2011

Turkish Language Olympiads in ITHS Girls Section

ITHS Girls Senior Section, Turkish Language Teachers organized a mini-Turkish Olympiads to encourage to students engage in Turkish Language. Many students from class6 to 8 participated in the competition which had singing and reciting poem categories. Having been trained regularly for two months after school-time, the students were observed to be so excited and also determined to perform since the winner will have the great chance of going to Turkey to represent Bangladesh in 10th International Turkish Olympiads. After the heart-beating time for jury marking for all the competitors, the results were announced. Senior Deputy Head Mr. Idris Koken has handed over the presents to the winners and congratulated them on their outstanding performances. 
The winners are as follow.

Singing Competition
1st   - Alifnura Sarker Promi
2nd  - Raida Zaman
3rd   - Nowrose Nawar Nafi

Poem Reciting Competition 
1st - Shahrin Zahwa Rifat
2nd - Ayesha Abrar Nowshin
3rd - Afroza Tamanna

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