Sunday, December 18, 2011


So we have begun our fireball matches from last week on 5th of December with all the classes in a high spirit…
          Knockout Matches:
05.12.11: 1st day- 6/A vs 7/A   : 7/A wins with 12 lives
07.12.11: 2nd day- 7/B vs 6/B   : 7/B wins with 5 lives
08.12.11: 3rd day – 8A/B vs 9A/B  : 8A/B wins with 3 lives
11.12.11: 4th day- 10A/B vs 11A/B: 11A/B wins by a 40 second longer stay

After a struggling and thrilling match between two neighbor sections of Grade 7, 7B has got the triumph for The Fireball Championship in this academic year.

     More to come with the next tournaments!!!
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