Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fun Times with Hostel Students

Hostel life can be challenging to spend so much time away from your friends and family. However, students engage in many fun activities to liven up the mood and keep them motivated. Here is a glimpse of how fun Hostel life at ITHS Senior Girls Section can be.

Daily Star Awards

The Daily Star Award is the most prestigious award provided to O-Level and A-Level examinees of Bangladesh, for their extraordinary academic performance. This time, as always, ITHS Senior Girls Section wins many awards. 

Football Team Having Pizza Break

After winning so many medals and trophies for our school, ITHS Senior Girls Section Football team enjoy a well-earned break at Pizza Inn. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017


International Turkish Hope School is glad to announce that ITHS secured the first position in the 8th Biochemistry Olympiad in both the O’ and A’ Level category. We congratulate our exemplary students  and wish them for the promising future that awaits them.

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Department of Dhaka University (DU) organized the prestigious Biochemistry Olympiad, this being the 8th year.
Biochemistry, encompassing the knowledge of food to human science, is  an emerging frontier in the sphere of bioscience.

Being the vanguard of success in the Biochemistry Olympiad has become a tradition at ITHS and in line with previous Olympiads, the students of  ITHS Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Section accomplished the top positions  in the 2017 Biochemistry Olympiad. 

Najia Sharmeen of Grade 12 took the top position for the 2nd year in the A’Level Individual Category making ITHS the winning institute of the A’Level category.

In the O’Level Individual category, Ishtiaqul Hoque of Grade 11 took the top position, Aniqa Anan Niha and Wasi Iqbal secured the second and third position respectively. This triumvirate success put ITHS in a stellar position as the winning institution in the O’Level category.

Mr. Bedrettin Suata, the Chairman of ITHS and Mr.Yavuz Koca, the Principal of ITHS felicitated the students at a reception held as a token of appreciation for the efforts our students exhibited that culminated with ITHS being declared as the winning institution.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ITHS Senior Girls Section win at NSU Civil Fest

Congratulations to Rusafa Rahman and Nashra Zaman for taking the third position at NSU Civil Fest project competition!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of Dhaka University (DU) organized the prestigious 8th Biochemistry Olympiad on 11 March 2017.
Bioscience is now an emerging frontier. This encompasses from food to human life. Without nurturing bioscience our knowledge base cannot get a strong foothold. Students should be attracted more in the sphere of bioscience. To create awareness about the importance of bioscience among secondary & higher secondary level students, arrangement of programs like Olympiad will exert long lasting impact. Dhaka University being the lighthouse of higher studies can promote such programs. Biochemistry itself is in the forefront of bioscience.
Like every year, ITHS Senior Girls Section and Boys Section managed to secure top positions in the event. Among the winners Najia Sharmeen takes the top position for the 2nd time in a row! For a consecutive 2 years, this talented 12th grade student has been securing 1st position in the A Level individual category.

Here are the results:

A Level Category
Name of student
Najia Sharmin
O Level Category
Ishtiaqul Hoque
Aniqa Anan Niha
Wasi Iqbal

Saturday, March 11, 2017


For the first time ITHS Senior Girls Section participated in the Annual Girls Football tournament held at American International School Dhaka.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


ITHS Business Week is back and it is bigger than ever! This is ITHS Senior Girls Section's second consecutive year and its largest business event yet.


This year's Business week was bigger than ever with a whopping 75 participants and 17 teams, who showcased their business skills and ideas.  

These teams were asked to present a unique and creative business idea divided into 2 days  Criteria of the presentation was based on type of business, name of the product/ service and description, logo, type of business, objectives, research and development, target market, budgeting, sources of finance location and distribution, pricing strategy. organizational structure, advertisement/promotion (display).
For 2 days, students displayed their ideas and were judged based on feasibility, creativeness and strategies.

Students' business ideas this time were truly innovative. Some teams made actual television commercials which they showcased during their presentations. While other teams brought inventive packaging samples made with recycled material while and brought inspiring themes such as woman's empowerment. A few teams distributed samples of their products and served to the judges.

The business fair was held on the 3rd day and consisted of a Business Fair (containing food, desserts, clothing, accessories, stationeries, special services and many more) where our students established their very own businesses, promoted and sold their products and services in stalls. The colorful event highlighted the talents of our young entrepreneurs and their unique business ideas.


For the first time in history, ITHS Senior Girls Section visited Mirpur Scholastica for a game that has never been attempted before by our students, Handball.


After last year's immense success ITHS Senior Girls Sections hosts yet another school trip and this time to the famous city of London, UK.
School trips should be viewed as a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners. Extra stimulation in new environments can be particularly beneficial to pupils and can help teach life skills and improve independence.
Memories of school Educational trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

During the 2 week long trip, students will visit famous landmarks such as Big Ben, University of Oxford, London Bridge, Madame Tussaude, Buckingham Palace and lots more. 

Monday, March 6, 2017


On the 4th of March, 2017, International Turkish Hope School hosted its 2nd Inter-School Girls  Football Tournament (ITHS Girls Super Cup 2017). A total of five schools participated in the event: ITHS, Aga Khan School Dhaka, Don Bosco, Green Herald and BIT.
ITHS Senior Girls Section has been holding its prestigious Super Cup for 2 years in a row. After last year's defeat we have finally persevered this time in achieving the runner up spot.  Both ITHS Red and Green teams put up a formidable fight but the Green team's excellent tie breaker shots and Emina Bushra's miraculous goal in the last 45 seconds, secured our advancement to the finals.
At the end of the group stage, ITHS Red team defeated ITHS Green team to advance to the final, while in the other semi-final, Aga Khan beat Don Bosco on penalties to join ITHS Red team in the final. In the final, Aga Khan beat ITHS 2-1 to win the ITHS Girls Super Cup 2017.
At the end of the tournament, Principal of ITHS Mr. Yavuz Koca and Vice Principal Mr. Mehmet Cetin distributed the prizes among the victorious teams. 


Sunday, March 5, 2017


The long awaited debate tournament is finally here!

For three glorious years, students have been engaging in intense verbal battles and game of wits.
To be a champion you need to be fast, factual and witty with your remarks. This year was bigger than ever with a huge number of students participating. Due to the sheer size of participants, the event was divided into three categories: two for students of 6th - 8th grades and one for 9th - 12th grades.  Each group had balanced members from each grade and were chosen based on their academic performance and maturity.

Happy Miss and Hamide Miss are both coordinators of this event as well as other teachers who helped judge the battles. Some of the most interesting and thought provoking topics discussed include: Junk food should be banned from school, Zoos should be abolished, students who bully others should be punished by the law.

Debate has always been a platform for hidden talents to come out of their shell and showcase their abilities. Moreover, this type of platform teaches students the importance of raising their voice against wrongdoings and that no matter how young you are, your opinions matter.

Battle rounds are still going on. Results will be posted here as soon as they are published.

Friday, March 3, 2017


With the aim of being an aid in this critical time period of our students, the school organised an informative seminar for the parents of Grade 10. Prior to their International GCSE, the students and their parents have been informed on following topics:
Multiple Intelligence/ A Guide to Pick Up a Career
How to Tackle with Exam Anxiety 
The Enlightening session was followed by a lovely brunch.

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