Sunday, February 18, 2018


Students of grade 10-12 had participated in an inter-school science fair at American Standard International School. The students who had participated in A level category were runner’s up. It was a delightful learning experience for the students.


This February grade 10 and 11, showed their interest in the applications of chemistry through an interactive presentation session by the leadership of Ms.Menekse. The students benefited from this session by learning about interesting facts about the topics they have previously studied in a simple way.


Along with supervision of Ms.Menekse Tok, students of grade 11 did experiments which addressed to Unit-3 section in IAL. During this time, students have taken part in the most fascinating part of learning chemistry which was actually performing the experiments. The thrill was not only an aid towards better preparation for IAL but also a memory. 


For better interaction between teachers and students, the class teacher of Grade 10 Ms. Menekse had tiffin time together with her students last Wednesday.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Remembering Martyr Intellectuals Day at Girls Section

ITHS Girls Section Teachers, Students remembered Martyr Intellectuals Day with respect.
The Social Awareness Club and Bangla Club organized the program. Mrs. Hannan gave speech about the importance of the day and Mrs. Raihana gave speech on the duties of as a citizen of this country. Art, Bangla and Music clubs handover the prizes among the winner of Victory day competitions.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grade-10 Parents Visit

In the first week of December, Ms. Menekse, along with Mr. Majumder, Mr.Shams , Mr.Imran and Ms. Nazia visited the students Fariza Tasnim, Maliha T-Masood, Nasima Mohammad Helal and Nusrat Jahan in the evening. After spending some quality time with their families they sat down for a delicious meal. They had food and chatted for quite some time. This made their bond stronger allowing the students and their parents to approach the fellow teachers without any hesitation.

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