Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science Project Contest

Grade 11 Celebrates 100th Chemistry Class

On 15th November, Grade 11 students, along with their Chemistry teacher Ms.Menekse and Class teacher Ms.Hamide, had a lovely gathering upon completing their 100th Period of studying Chemistry since the beginning of academic year. This fun festivity hasn't only given them the realization of how far they have come up in the preparation for As Level examinations, but also provided them with a bunch of fun memory that they will relish in future.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Girls Participated in AKS Football Tournament

ITHS Girls Section Students participated in Aga Khan School Football Tournament and become the semifinalist.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

English Singing Contest

In order to scout hidden talents among our students, English Language Department organized their annual English Singing Contest on November 6, 2017.
The event has been  welcomed with  keen participation  of the students who practiced and rehearsed their songs for days ahead.  During the event,  more than 20 competitors performed their melodious songs  in front of judges who evaluated each performance with care according to the rubric including the criteria of Pronunciation, Gesture & Facial Expressions, Choice of Composition etc. Five finalists will be selected to perform in coming English Language Fiesta 2018.

Monday, November 6, 2017

One Dish Party-Grade 11

Grade 11A students cherished a delightful and pleasant One dish party in their homeroom time. Following the scrumptious dishes, the students had an enjoyable activity in which they shared unforgettable moments with each other starting from their primary school years to the present.

Tea&Talk with Parents of Grade 11

On a fine morning of November, the mothers of Grade 11 students have been invited to their class teacher'a house for a Tea&Talk. During their time together, they shared their thoughts and experiences, enjoyed captivating videos on core values needed for upbringing a child along with the tasty treats.

Poetry Out Loud

On 5th November, ITHS Girls Section organised Poetry recitation competition titled as Poetry Out Loud. The participants chanted their well-selected poems enthusiastically in front of the judges. The results will be announced in coming English Language Fiesta.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Birthday Party of Grade 6-B

Nafisha, Abshara, Faiza, Najifa and Sameeha had their birthdays in September and October. Their birthday was celebrated with their classmates and class teacher. Some cute small gifts were given them. They enjoyed having the cake together.

Girls Become Runners-Up in Manarat Inter-School Badminton Tournament

Monday, October 23, 2017

Certificate Distributed among the students Participated in the International Children Festival Organised by Shishu Academy

Students from ITHS Senior Girls Section Participated in the last International Child Festival organized by Bangladesh Shishu Academy. Today their certificates of participation given to them.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

One dish party with 6B students

We had decided to throw one-dish party last week. Today students brought very yummy food such as pasta, noodles, cookies and cakes.6B students and their class teacher enjoyed the delicious  home-made food in Homeroom class. After having food students played some games with balloons.

Winners Got the Prizes

Students got the certificates and medals for their performances in the last ICT Festival held in our section.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Scholastica Mirpur (SRM) organized an interschool Basketball tournament on 13th and 14th of October 2017. Many schools took part in the tournament and ITHS was also a part of it. The tournament took place at the Mirpur branch of Scholastica.

All the members of the Basketball team (Captain Nalan Carpan 10B, Farzia Binte Karim 11B, Fariha Safa Khan 10B, Maliha Zaman 9B, Meher Nigar 9B, Ayshe Reyhan 8B, Vishwa Patel 8B, Faiza Fatema 7A, Samiha 6B, Sumeyra 6B, Jinia 6B, Samira 6A) and our PE teacher Miss Monoara Khanom along with our Basketball coach went to the venue.  The players warmed up their bodies before the match. Our first match was with Hurdco International School. ITHS won the match with the score Hurdco-2 and ITHS-34 (Hurdco 1 score, ITHS 17 scores). The match was really interesting. After successfully winning the first match, ITHS had to play another match with Scholastica  Uttata (SRU). Guess what? ITHS won this match too! ITHS took lead during the whole match. The score was tied at 9/9 for sometime and Scholastica scored a free shot and now the score was Scholastica-10 and ITHS-9. The match was intense. The players were fully focused. It was the last quarter. And just before 4 seconds before the ending Nalan the captain of the team scored and it was a basket. ITHS had won with the score 9/11 (Scholastica 9, ITHS 11).

After winning both the matches ITHS reached the Semi Finals and had to play the next day with Sunbeams and Scholastica Mirpur (SRM) as well (14th October 2017). Unfortunately, they couldn’t win with Sunbeams as they were a very well-prepared and good team. But our school tried their best to win. At least they reached the Semi Finals, which is a very big deal and is not a piece of cake. Although they could not become the champions this time but “Life Is All About The Next Step”.

The captain of our team Nalan Zehra Carpan become the best thrower at the tournament.

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